omega frequency as angular frequency of wave

hello there. herer’s something new i’ve discovered this. . i’m new to this angular frequency. may you guy’s can use it in your program and plugins and vst. that’s the formals for omega frequency’s

Most programming languages use radians when calculating trigonometric functions so you’re often converting between radians and degrees. Angular frequency is also commonly used in engineering math.

But, any engineering tools (signal generators, oscillators, frequency counters, etc.) always use regular-old Hz, kHz, MHz, and GHz.

But for audio, I can’t think of any reason to use angular frequency. In the human-physical world of sound waves (or voltage waves) we think in “complete cycles”.

maybe down the road in the long run we’ll figure out how to use this function. not now. but down the road it can be used.

It’s just a unit of measurement for rotation / oscillation-rate …
1Hz = one cycle per second = 2π Radians per second ≃ 6.2831854 Radians per second .