Older version, prior to undo history


I would like to know what version of Audacity did not have this weird phenomena of making the imported file double its size (see attachment), and before the undo history?

Thanx in advance


Non-destructive editing, (which requires much more memory), was introduced in version 3.1

[ I’m still using 2.3.2 ]

Thanx Trebor,

quick questions: is it possible to install 2 versions? …and let’s suppose I finally just install one version, do we have to uninstall the current version, before installing another one (older or newer)?



Yes: however you have to keep them separate to stop them sharing the hidden Audacity folder which will result in corruption , (i.e. not backwards compatible).

Unzip, (not install), one or both versions into its own folder.

Then launch from the Audacity icon in that folder.

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