Old menu Style of 3.0.4 vs new menu style + SPACEBAR ISSUE

Hello I have been using Audacity for many years and I like the old menu style of 3.0.4,

I like the quick access to the Amplify, base & Treble and noise reduction.

I don’t like the new submenu option of the current version.

But since I am using an older version I am having the spacebar issue when playing a small selection of the timeline, where the spacebar goes whacky and plays the selection over & over and over again.

QUESTION: is there a version of Audacity that has the old menu style but no spacebar issue?

Older versions of Audacity are available here: Old Audacity versions download

You might find this discussion about spacebars interesting: Space bar is suddenly intermittent for Play function

I have already downloaded an older version, just prior to menu changes, but spacebar issue still in that version

3.1.0 seems to fix the problem and keep old menu

You can change the effect sorting in Preferences → Effects in the latest version.

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