Old geezer voice generation

Newbie alert!
Not sure if I am allowed to ask this in this particular BB. If not where please?
Maybe I am simply not using the right search keys, and I’m more than happy to do my own legwork if I can just find a good starting point.

My need:
I want to generate from text, or transform from my own voice recording, something that sounds like a very old man speaking. This example from YouTube would do nicely if I could figure out how to do it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UouRijHzq6U

Audacity doesn’t have a text to speech converter and there is no voice changer I know of past the regular effects. I’d be doing it with voice acting, but that’s not the question.

If you come up with a VST or other plugin, Audacity can use most of those.



Some acting is required, see … https://youtu.be/ztNBCEq8rxQ?t=7m40s