Old audacity project file

I have a Audacity Project file .aupTXT. I cant open it with any application I find online

Could it have been renamed accidentally? Recent versions of Audacity use .aup3 extension for the project file name and older versions used aup ie aupTXT is not a valid name.

Mark B

You should be able to rename MyCoolAudioFile.aupTXT to MyCoolAudioFile.aup. Fill in your actual show name.

Please note that you also need the MyCoolAudioFile_data folder. Both the folder and the file have to be in the same location or folder for the show to open, and the name has to be the name you gave the show when it was made.

You can confirm what that name was by forcing the .aup file to open in a text editor and reading it. About the third or forth text line from the top will be a line called projname= That will be the original show name.

Screen Shot 2024-01-18 at 15.19.16

Good luck.


The file is interview.aup.txt and it appears to be just data. But years ago it was an audio interview I wanted to save. Now it is just text. Can I take the data version and convert it to audio?

The AUP file was never sound. The AUP file is the editing and play instructions for all the audio clips and sound segments inside the _DATA folder. You need both.

One of the serious changes to newer Audacity 3 was the AUP3 project file which was everything in one place. No splitting up the show.

It was a super-duper common error for an editor or producer to assume the older AUP file was the whole show.

It’s not. It’s not even sound. It was also super common for people to manage the AUP file as if it was the whole world. If you, for example, emailed or shipped an AUP file to someone, the receiving computer may get confused and append .txt to the end. That is no doubt what happened to you. That’s a straight computer error. That one has nothing to do with Audacity.


This isn’t dead yet. Search your whole world for an interview_data folder.


And to answer the obvious question. Audacity 2 will open all the older Project files. The newer Audacity 3 will open both the newer and older Projects.


Do you have the script? The Hollywood Desperation Method is hire someone with a similar voice and announce it again under controlled, studio conditions. Don’t tell anyone about this missing file business.


It’s a recording of my son interviewing his grandmother about WWII. The interview took place 20years ago. So just sentimental value. I opened it last year and was able to play it but now I cannot. I renamed the file and now I have a whole new weird looking file. I cannot find the “data” file.

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