Odd Popping Sound from Mic That I'm Trying to Mitigate

Hello, all. I’m using Audacity 2.0.5 and I installed it from an .exe and my microphone is an Audiotechnica ATR4750.

My mic, on occasion, produces these odd popping sounds every second or two. My last few recordings have been plagued with them and it’s rather annoying. I’m wondering how you all would go about trying to mitigate these pops.

Frequency spectrum of the average pop in my recordings:

The waveform of a few pops:

Audio for a few of the pops:

I’ve tried several things including checking the frequency spectrum and trying a low-pass filter or the equalizer, but the pop covers a large range of the frequency spectrum. I’ve also tried using noise removal, but since it covers so much of the spectrum, it distorts the rest of the audio too much. Click removal worked a decent bit, but there was also a good chunk of distortion on the signal. I’m not too familiar with the click removal settings, however, and I’d be willing to try it again.

Thanks for your time.

That’s a weird sound. I don’t recognise it.
Are you able to try the microphone on another computer, or try another microphone in your computer?

I had this other microphone I used for the longest time and I never had this issue. The problem is I can’t readily recreate the conditions necessary to make my current microphone malfunction. It just seems to happen. I figure I’m gonna try to contact tech support for this or just buy a new microphone eventually, but for now I just wanna see what I can do to help try and fix my audio. I’ve already gone through and deleted all the stuff I could that isn’t apart of the recording but I’m thinking there just isn’t much I can do?

I don’t think that you can “fix” that sound, other than by editing it out (deleting those bits).
I can’t imaging how a microphone can be causing that noise, so I’d definitely suggest testing that mic on another computer or other recording device if you can, and testing another mic on your computer (ask if any of your friends have one that you can borrow for a few days :wink:)

It just seems to happen.

Isn’t that the best? I was able to recreate a famous sound problem here for about three days. Then it went away never to return, and I didn’t do anything different.

That sounds like AC interference. The only oddity is that it’s periodic. It’s usually constant like my neighbor-east’s refrigerator. Do you have a motor close by that likes to turn on every two seconds?

There’s another magic thing about that. Doesn’t Audacity write to the hard drive about every two seconds?


You would have to be recording at a high sample rate (176400 Hz or a near neighbour) to write that frequently. But if you are recording at a high sample rate, noise being picked up when writing to disk is a very likely explanation, especially if you have a netbook or small laptop.

What is the make and model number of the computer?


Try recording using windows native sound recorder to see if the problem is specific to Audacity … http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Sound_Recorder

If the problem is Audacity-specific try giving Audacity higher priority so it is not interrupted by any other processes running on the computer , (e.g. anti-virus).


The make and model is made by my own hands haha I have an ASUS M5N98TD EVO mobo and I’m running the onboard AC97.

I’ll try this out but the problem never seems to be repeatable. I think my best bet moving forward is to just make sure it’s not happening for about the first 30 seconds or to check it periodically to make sure it doesn’t start the odd noise. I just came into some money so perhaps a new mic is in my future. Thanks for the help, all.

It is only a $10 mic and the onboard sound probably cost ASUS a good deal less than that.

But if you do have Audacity project rate (bottom left of the window) set high, set it to 44100 Hz. Then if you still get the noises every two seconds we can say that the noise is not related to Audacity writing its block files.

If the problem persists with another mic it could be a bad mic input or you may have to wade through http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Managing_Computer_Resources_and_Drivers looking for an answer. Start with Trebor’s suggestion.

Or try a USB mic or a professional mic connected to a USB interface.