Obtain crackly/radio type effect

Hello my fabulous experts!

A very quick and easy question…

I want to make some of my vocals sound like a plane radio/crackly type noise…

Ive read around on google and people have said play about with equalization and compression, but I can’t get it to sound right. any ideas?

Try a combination of the Leveller effect (on a “heavy” setting) and something like the “Telephone” setting in the Equalization effect.

It’s the crackly noise where I got stuck.

I loaded a 10 second segment of brown noise. What I want is just the peaks of the noise to force themselves through like in an airliner radio several miles out. There doesn’t seem to be any setting of Noise Gate that will do that, but it should. I should be able to make all the noise below, say, -12 (most of it) to drop to zero with just the 0 to -12 peaks remaining.

There’s some other tricks to get that sound, but the rest kind of depend on that working.


It does seem to be more difficult than made out, i also think it depends on what you use to record perhaps. All the youtube videos make it look easy. When they change the equalization, there sound gets bigger, mine gets smaller, yet i follow exactly what they do.

Maybe I could try a sort of distorted megaphone effect? If anyone knows how?

All the youtube videos

Point to one or two.


amongst all the others that use these techniques

There is a free VST effect called ‘Vinyl’ that emulates the crackly sound from old records.

You might be able to get a sound you can use with that, but just take care to decline the crapware the installer tries to set up.

See http://tonebytes.com/vinyl/

Thanks Shaky, I shall give it a go!

There is also a Vinyl effect in the “LADSPA Plug-in Pack” http://audacityteam.org/download/plugins

thanks Steve, the other one doesnt seem to be compatible.

This is my favourite (it has a graphical interface rather than boxes and sliders like the LADSPA one):
http://izotope.com/products/audio/vinyl/ .



Theres a song somewhere that has the vocal effect im after, i just cant remember what song it is. Once ive remembered ill post the link so you guys can advise further. Its not vinyl, I just cant explain the sound.