OBS and Audacity

Hey guys. I’m getting very close to starting my YouTube channel, and I need some tips and advice. I have both OBS Studio and Audacity installed, but I was wondering, since OBS can already record my microphone’s audio, what is the point in Audacity? Should I be recording audio with both, or just the video with OBS? What are the dis/advantages of either? Also, what are the optimal settings of Audacity to get the highest possible quality audio? I have a Blue Yeti Pro, if that matters, though I’m not using the XLR input yet (still gotta get the thing it plugs into, which is another topic entirely because I don’t know a single thing about those).

I don’t know what most of the settings in either program mean so the more details provided the better. Explain like I’m 5 please. (If there is a place I’m not seeing that lays out very simply what every single setting and button does, that would be awesome, but I didn’t see one.) ^-^

If you can do what you want to do with OBS, and you are already familiar with using OBS to do that, then carry on using OBS.

If you find that you need an audio editor, then you can download the latest version of Audacity here: https://www.audacityteam.org/download/windows/
The recommended installer version includes a comprehensive manual (also available on-line here: https://manual.audacityteam.org/)

I have no idea how to use either program. I was just wondering if Audacity had any sort of advantages over OBS, and if so, how to configure the settings for the highest-quality audio output. I just don’t want to bother learning both if I can do everything with only one program. I’ll try to read all the links provided though. I did see those previously, but I was looking more for something that explained what every button did, not necessarily the answer a question. I appreciate that though.