Nyquist wavetable size limit?

Windows 7 64-bit
Audacity 2.1.2 (yes I know that I am behind a point release, but didnt see this mentioned)

Nyquist wavetables have been given a size limit of only 100,000 according to runtime errors when trying to use “large” tables from sounds I generated with 1-second duration osc()'s
The documentation suggests that the limit should actually be ten times larger at 1,000,000.

A sourceforge thread from 2011 seems to indicate that this was to be addressed


But this fix seems to have either not been implemented, or possibly the fix didnt find its way to the windows-specific build files.

Looks like you’re right.
I’m on Linux so it’s not Windows only, and I tested on the current (alpha) development code.

The maximum table size is actually 999,999 samples.
A simple test using the Nyquist Prompt:

(hzosc 0.5 (maketable *track*))

When run with the Debug button, returns:

error: maximum table size (100000) exceeded - NIL

This does not appear to be logged on our bug tracker. I’ll add it now.
Thanks for doing the background checks and posting the links.

Right. No worries.

I’ve just been trying different strategies for supplying a set of “waveform controls” so that the user has a bit more “play” beyond just a blunt sine/tri/saw selection box (vocoder-like effects and so on), and of course I ran right into the limit almost immediately :slight_smile: