Nyquist Script for generating a realistic EOWS-612 Siren synthesis

Hi. I need some help about making a Nyquist script for making a siren synth generator for the Siratone siren series. Can someone help me pls? I’d be appreciated :wink:

An updated version of the code from this post: Tone Generators: Siren - #2 by steve

;type generate

(setf duration 10.0) ; duration in seconds
(setf low-hz 700)
(setf hi-hz 1220)
(setf level 0.4)
(setf reverb 0.03) ;amount of reverb, 0 to 1

(setf hz-range (- hi-hz low-hz))

;Make a skewed triangle waveform
(defun env-table ()
  (let* ((env-table (pwlv -1 0.55 1 1 -1)))
    (list env-table (hz-to-step 1.0) t)))

(setf *mod-table*
  (seq (mult -1 (sum -1.002 (pwev 1.002 0.527 0.002)))
       (pwlv 1 0.473 0)))
(setf *mod-table* (list *mod-table* (hz-to-step 1.0) t))

(setf *table*
  (sum (mult 0.5 (build-harmonic 1 2048))
       (mult 0.025 (build-harmonic 2 2048))
       (mult 0.025 (build-harmonic 3 2048))
       (mult 0.005 (build-harmonic 4 2048))
       (mult 0.002 (build-harmonic 5 2048))
       (mult 0.0003 (build-harmonic 6 2048))))
(setf *table* (list *table* (hz-to-step 1.0) t))

(setf siren
  (let ((mod (osc (hz-to-step 0.21) duration *mod-table*))
        (env (sum 1.4 (hp (osc (hz-to-step 0.22) duration (env-table))0.3))))
    (setf mod (sum low-hz (mult hz-range mod)))
    (mult 0.5 env (fmosc 0 mod *table*))))

(mult level (jcrev siren 2.0 reverb)) ; add a bit of reverb

The only change I made was to change the first parameter in build-harmonic from a float (decimal) to an integer (whole number.

I’ve no idea if it is a realistic “EOWS-612” siren sound as I’ve no idea what that is, but it does sound like a pretty realistic siren to me.

I’ll explain what it is: So, the EOWS-612 Is a tornado siren model from the Siratone series, and it kinda sounds like this:

I wanna create a siren synth of this siren and it needs to be realistic, ya know?

Well as I’ve shown you an approach to generating siren sounds, maybe you can have a go at creating the sound that you want.

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