Nyquist prompt to cause pitch to be influenced by amplitude?

Hi. For some background, I have virtually no knowledge into how to make nyquist plugins or how to write in the language. I have experience in other languages so I don’t think it’d be difficult to pick up but I think it’d be helpful with some guidance. I’m looking for a specific plugin, one that runs through the selection in Audacity and in that time frame modifies pitch to be influenced by the amplitude of the same sample that is being read. This is a pretty broad question considering, but how would I go about doing this? I’ve read through some of the nyquist plugins I have previously installed and while i understand how to set up controls (as it’s quite straightforward), the actual processing part of the code runs right over my head.

The Mutron plugin filters the sound according to the amplitude, (aka the envelope),
but it does not shift the pitch, it changes the timbre.

Pitch shifting is possible in Nyquist, but in Audacity’s current version of Nyquist, the sound quality of the pitch shifter is poor. The current pitch shifter does not support variable pitch shifting.

The latest version of Nyquist includes a phase vocoder primitive, which should allow much better quality pitch shifting, but this is not yet available in Audacity.