Nyquist Plugin Installer wont work on my Mac [SOLVED]

using Mac OS Big Sur 11.6.8. Downloaded latest version of Audacity.
Trying to download the De Clicker and De Esser plug ins from Nyquist but the Nyquist plug in installer wont work.

In what way “wont work”?
Please describe, step by step, what you are doing and what happens.

Also, please check in “Audacity menu > About Audacity” and tell us the exact Audacity version.

I am using latest version of Audacity 3.2.1
MacOS Big Sur v 11.6.8

Audacity Menu Bar - Tools - Nyquist Plug-In Installer
Comes up with new window to write files to user/desktop/untitled - Click on Apply (allow or disallow writeover does not make a difference)
Error window pops up : files not found or cannot be read. file/user/mailingturner/desktop/untitled.

I am wondering if my desktop is linked to icloud and this is blocking the installation. But even when I use the browse button I cannot install anywhere. The APPLY button is deactivated.

No. It comes up with a window to read a file: “user/desktop/untitled”.
You need to select the actual plugin file that you want to install.
The file that you select here is the plugin that you want to install. The installer will then copy that file to the appropriate place so that Audacity can find it.

That’s because the file “file/user/mailingturner/desktop/untitled” does not exist. You need to select the plugin file that you want to install.
Instructions are here: Nyquist Plugin Installer - Audacity Manual

Thank you! It was a success. Many thanks for your help.

You’re welcome.