Nyquist Plug-ins enabled, but not showing in drop down menus


I’m having an issue with Nyquist plug ins. I’m using Windows 10 and Audacity 3.0.3. The Nyquist plug-ins are showing as enabled but not showing up in the tools, analyze and effect drop down menus.

I’ve installed the Nyquist installer to the “Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\audacity\Plug-Ins” location on my c:drive and can see it there. I then tried to enable the plug-ins in the plug-in manager even though they’re already enabled.

I’ve reinstalled Windows 10 and uninstalled/reinstalled Audacity 3.0.3. Also, restarted computer.

Not sure what I could be doing wrong?

Which plug-ins?

Do you have “Pluck” listed in the “Generate” menu?

When I go to Add/Remove Plug-ins under both Effect and Analyze, and select “all”, all of the plug-ins listed show as enabled (I’ve attached a photo). However, when I go to the Effect drop down, the only accessible plug-ins are Bass & Treble, Distortion, Phaser and Wahwah. Under Analyze, nothing is accessible.

Under Generate, Pluck is accessible. When I click on it, it shows Pluck MIDI pitch: 60, Fade-out type: Abrupt, and Duration: 00h00m01.000s.
Add Remove Plug Ins.png

Does you project have any audio tracks?

Note that the effects in the Effect menu, from “Amplify” down to “WahWah” are all built-in effects, not plug-ins and not Nyquist plug-ins.

Aha! No I didn’t have a track recorded yet, but I see that when I did the plug-ins showed up :slight_smile:. Thanks!!