Nyquist FFT Help

Hi, I’m trying to start with a basic FFT and IFFT example.
When I run my example code, I get this error message:

My code is:

(setf frames (snd-fft track 128 4800 NIL))

(snd-ifft 0 48000 frames 4800 NIL)

What am I doing wrong?


(snd-ifft time srate iterator skip window)

Notice that the 3rd argument is an iterator, but in your code you are passing an array.

There’s an FFT tutorial on my website (It’s from an older version of the Nyquist manual as most of the tutorials have been removed from the current manual): Nyquist FFT and Inverse FFT Tutorial
(FFT is quite tricky to use in Nyquist - quite an advanced tool.)