Nyquist CUDA (GPU) Time-stretching (by bpm difference)

Hi, i have Code in Python, that uses CUDA for time stretching on GPU

now I want to pack it as a nyquist plugin

can someone or the devs help please?

It isn’t possible to “pack it as a Nyquist plugin”, but there are other options.

Probably the best way would be to create a “module” that can be built alongside Audacity. Unfortunately there does not appear to be any surviving development documentation about this, so you will probably need assistance from the development team if you decide to take this approach (I see that you have already been in contact with the dev’s discord channel).

An alternative way would be to write a Python app that runs outside of Audacity, and interacts with Audacity via mod-script-pip. There is a bit about this in the manual. Your Python app would need to export the selected audio so that Python can access it, then process the audio, import it back into Audacity, and paste it back into the correct place in the project. This approach is perhaps a bit of a hack, but it does have the benefit that it can work with multiple versions of Audacity, whereas modules must be built alongside the version of Audacity that it will work with.

i dont know how to start… would you like to develop it together?

id wanna make it as a module with the devs, if possible

I’ve passed a message on to someone that may be interested (and definitely capable) of helping, though I’ve no idea about their availability.