Nyquist Command for an airplane sound

So, I was looking if someone could make a Nyquist command to generate, like, specific airplane sounds. for example, the PTU sound from the Airbus A320, or the “AIRSPEED LOW” EGPWS warning of the B737NG series.

Note: I’m new with those thingies, so please help me urgently!

  • Thank you all :smiley:

  • Augusto C. Sabbadin

There are recordings of air-plane engine sounds on Freesound …
But I doubt they’ll have specific models.

It could be possible to reverse-engineer a specific electronic-warning noise with nyquist code,
but not possible to recreate something as complex as a specific engine noise, or the human voice.

It’s not “impossible” to synthesize very complex sounds with Nyquist, but it would be a lot of work. The first step would be a detailed analysis of the sound that you want, for example, being able to precisely define and quantify the difference between the cruising sound of a B737NG and an A321.

I doubt that anyone will do that for you, unless you’re willing to pay several $k.

Hi Trebor, Can you please give me some tips on how to create the B777-300 Overspeed warning? I would like if you help me :wink:

There are programs such as SPEAR which can break down audio into its constituent parts,
(sine waves), from which a synthesised version can be produced.