Numbered counting

Hello I have seen some count in clicks where they add a numbered count in ( a voice saying 1…2…3…4…)
Would you ever consider that as an option with Audacity?

Also I am wondering if there would ever be an option for a smart tempo (beat mapper)

So for example you have an audio file that was not recorded with a click and the temp is all over the place…The smart tempo mapper will add a click to the song and adjust the song so it follows a consistent tempo.

Thank you for your help

Hi hamer11

Would it be easier if you done your own count-in on the track you are recording on.

My oldest pal used to prefer three short strums on his guitar, when laying the rhythm track first. These three strums remained with all subsequent bounces on our reel-to-reel tape machines, and were edited out on the final master tape.

The same principle could easily be adapted for the digital age.