Numark Stereo io


I am attempting to record a DJ set from my CDJs and Behringer DDM 4000 mixer, with a Numark Stereo io.

I’m struggling to understand how everything should be connected.

Mixer->Numark device->Laptop …?


The Numark Stereo io claims to be a USB interface, but I can’t find good enough pictures to confirm that. We have to just believe them. It’s also apparently only available Previously-Owned…

Close Audacity.

Set everything up with the Numark Stereo io plugged into the computer and let it settle for a bit. Open the Windows sound panels and make sure the Numark arrives and the Windows sound meter bounces when you play something.

Now launch Audacity and sift through recording preferences until you find the Numark. Chances are almost zero that it will say “Numark,” although it might. It’s much more likely to say something like USB Audio CODEC.

Select it, click once in the Audacity recording meters (Start Monitor) and play something.


Hi rdaley20! This Youtube review on the numark stereo io might be a good starting point for you. All the best :slight_smile: