Null Corrupted Project file with entact data folder

Hello. So my dumbass recently made the mistake of closing my computer in the middle of saving. So next time I went to open my project it wouldn’t open and thought it was an import. So I downloaded Notepad++ and opened it to find that it said "Null’ over and over again. So based on my research I corrupted the file. I do however still have the entire folder of audio data. Is there any easy way to recover this? It’s a lotttt of files so just exporting them all into a session and trying to piece them together sounds like a total nightmare. I am so depressed over this. I spent weeks on this thing and it was almost done. Other Note: I think I had a mixdown on a seperate track within that audacity project. Would it be possible to somehow find just that mixdown within all the random audio files and just import that? I’m open to all options at this point guys. My poor sad corrupted project :frowning: Thanks in advance.

Probably not.
If it was a fresh, unedited recording, then there’s a slim chance of recovery (but not easy). If the project has been “worked on” (editing / processing), then no chance.

Unfortunately it sounds like you are on the “no chance” side.

(Tip: I know you don’t want to hear this, but regular backups really are worth the effort. With important work, I would recommend making a new “Compressed Copy of the Project” every couple of hours, and use a new, unique name each time:

Do you think it’s worth it to piece it all together. Looks like the mixdown track was saved. I think it was stereo though. Does that mean there’s 2 of every 6 second chunk?


So I’m lucky in the fact that I started this whole project on my Tascam 6 track recorder. So the drums, guitar, bass, vocals and lead guitar are all on there. I think I’m gonna grab those and put them into a new audacity project. I’m just gonna have to re-track the horns and strings. Which thankfully I did on keyboard and not with a studio musician lol. I’m also gonna have to redo all my editing and mixing. YAY. But this is the least stressful solution I can think of. I really loved the mixing and editing I did before.I wish I could piece that back together. But with it being a stereo track it seems like there’s multiples of everything and it’s just too confusing to try and put together. I think I’m just gonna have to man up and do it over again. Lesson learned on backups and saving!

Glad to hear that you have at least got some of it.