NT1 microphone is too quiet?

I have an ORIGINAL NT1 and I’ve had no mic experience in the past, but when I record it (to audacity of course cuz it’s the best software ever :stuck_out_tongue:) it sounds a lot lower than it should. I know for a fact this isn’t audacity because it sounds low on my stereo and computer in general as well. I have it connected to the phantom power box like it should be. I’m not sure if this is normal like over lighting a set, but if you guys could help me that’d be great, thanks :smiley:

connected to the phantom power box like it should be.

Whose preamp are you using and how are you getting it into the computer or music system?


I’m using a rolls dual phantom power adapter pb223 and using an XLR to USB to take the direct output on the box and hook it into my computer


Model numbers? We can’t see what you’re doing and we may see something you’re doing wrong that you don’t see.


It’s literally just a cord it doesn’t have a model number that I can see. Just a generic XLR to USB you’d buy for 10 bucks off ebay

That’s the problem.

The Rolls provides phantom power, but no “gain” (amplification). From their web page it looks like it is designed for use with a mixer (which have a lot of gain available on the input). If you don’t have a mixer, then a USB sound card with microphone inputs could do the job. At some point the microphone signal needs to be amplified quite a lot. That’s normal.

That makes sense, it’s my dad’s mic and he used it with the turntables and mixer. So yeah I can definitely hook it into the mixer and then take either the headphone or master and put it into my computer, thanks!

the headphone or master and put it into my computer

That’s the step that kills many people. Most laptop computers (including the newer Macs) have no way to connect a stereo device or mixer.

You could get insanely lucky and have the Mic-In connection work (pink), but that’s really, really not normal. Most computers will record Left-Only with high distortion and low level.

You can get a USB mixer or an analog mixer and a USB adapter which is the way I did it.