Notification after Ctrl+S like in Shotcut video editor

From my experience and from what I hear from other users - Audacity crash a lot. And because of that it is good to get the feedback from UI - when the project was saved - to be sure that I need or not make a restore from automatic saves. Today after every Ctrl+S I need to open File menu and check that Save Project item is disabled.

A good example of such UX - video editor Shotcut

There is a known bug, which is listed in the release notes, that Audacity is prone to freezing when using PulseAudio. To avoid this problem, use ALSA directly (by selecting the “hw” options in the device toolbar), or use Jack Audio System.

There is also a new bug in Audacity 2.2.0 that causes Audacity to crash with some “Chain” operations. This has now been fixed in the development code, so will be fixed in the next release (due next month).

Other than those two issue, Audacity is very stable, so I strongly disagree with you assertion that Audacity crashes a lot.

I don’t understand the relevance of the picture that you posted.

My picture was a link to gif - I cannot attach this file here because of size limit.

Link was

Looks like forum administrator replaced my link to animation example by static screenshot.

And thank you for suggestion about how to cure freezes! But as I understand ALSA vs PulseAudio is only about recording? In the last year I only edit audio without recording, and still without chain operations.

Ok in preferences I changed my playback device from default to the HDA Intel: ALC262 Analog(hw:0,0), maybe it will help.

No, it also applies to playback, in fact freezing problems are far more common with playback than record, because the freeze tends to occur when audio streams are started or stopped. When recording, switching between start and stop is usually relatively infrequent, whereas playback is frequently started / stopped / restarted a lot during normal use.

Sometimes it is necessary to use PulseAudio (or “default”, which is usually the same as the “Pulse” option). For example, if another application is accessing the sound card, then the ALSA device will be unavailable (unless the sound card has hardware mixing, which is rare these days).