Note track

I am trying to export a Midi file from Audacity and a box is popping up saying “select a Note Track.”
What is a Note Track and how do I select it?

MIDI is not audio. It is not possible to simply “convert” from MIDI to audio or from audio to MIDI.
MIDI data is a series of commands that tell a synthesizer what to play.

Audacity’s “Note tracks” represent MIDI data. When you import a MIDI file into Audacity, it creates a Note track. When you export a Note track, it creates a MIDI file. It is not possible to export an audio track as a MIDI file.

More info about Audacity’s Note tracks:

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Think of it this way…
Midi is like a script for an actor.
The actor then says the words in that script.

Without the actor (the audio is the actors voice), the script is just a series of words (commands).

So, midi is just the script, when you play it via a synthesizer, then you hear the audio.
There are plenty of free and paid for software synthesizers to “voice” the midi.

It’s the sounds of the specific synthesizer that can then be exported as audio.

Be aware though that Audacity is very limited with midi playback and export.
Also, going from midi → audio is done as described above, using a software synthesizer.
Going from audio → midi is not really possible as the audio (wav, mp3, etc) has no information/commands about music notes, chords and octaves.

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