Not recording my mixes

I am new to Audacity and trying to record music from my controller, it is recognising my unit and the line is going across the screen but it’s not recording sound and the waveform is not showing. Both recording and sound levels are at 100 percent.
I’ve been trying everything but can’t get it to work.


What “controller”? How is it connected?

It is a pioneer ddj FLX4 connected via c-usb cable

Did you select the USB device as your Recording Device (Don’t select anything that says “loopback”).

If it won’t work with Audacity, I found this on the Pioneer website:

Hi Doug
Thanks for taking the time to look into this but I can’t use Rekordbox to record because I am streaming the music and there’s copyright issues.
Someone else has given me advice which has paid off thankfully.

It was a different setting in Rekordbox I had to change rather than Audacity.

Thanks again :+1:

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