Not recognizing MP3 file

I am a Windows 10 user along with now just updated to Audacity 3.05
A new girl to all this and yet to get the full understanding of Audacity.

Before I updated I was doing quite well, I would go to YtMp3 and convert a song.
After it was converted I would go to Downloads and bring it in Audacity with no problems and do whatever I needed to do.

Today I did the same thing but got the message that the file xxx.mp3 was not recognised and that I should try to install FFmpeg.
I did a bit of research on the forum, saw someone else had a similar problem, and followed through with some of the info.
I went t the MediaInfoOnline site to check if it was an mp3 and unfortunately didn’t know what it all meant.

Followed thro to the FFmpeg section in Audacity and again, was not sure whether I needed this, from my little knowledge I thought I didn’t need it as all I work with are MP3’s. So where have I gone wrong? What has gone wrong? Thank you to anyone that can help me.

You don’t need FFmpeg to open a “good” MP3 but it may help with imperfect MP3s. …I wonder if YouTube is “doing something” to make it difficult, or if there’s something wrong with the 3rd-party MP3 encoder?

Try converting to WAV with [u]Kabuu Audio Converter[/u] or [u]TAudio[/u]. Then, you can edit the WAV file (and re-export as MP3 if you wish). If you make a new MP3 it will be OK.

BTW - You should avoid editing MP3 if possible. MP3 is lossy compression and when you open it in Audacity (or any “normal” audio editor) it gets decompressed. If you re-export as MP3 it goes through another generation of lossy compression and some “damage” does accumulate. You may not hear any quality loss, but it’s something to be aware of.

There is a special purpose editor called [u]MP3directCut[/u] that can do some limited editing without decompressing. (I don’t know how well it handles “imperfect” MP3s.)

Thank you, I will give all your suggestions a try… carefully and follow instructions. Fingers Crossed
Thanks again


Hey, I have a few questions here. I updated to Audacity version 3.1.3 currently and have started having error “malformed mp3.” I narrate and edit my files in .wav format and export final file as an mp3 to ACX standards. Then when I import as an mp3 I am now getting this error. I used the ffmpeg to import the file to get it to import but why is newly happening where as it didn’t before? What is causing the issue? It sounds glitchy like electrical static. Secondly, when I do import it under ffmpeg it adds some time to the beginning of the track…Why? and thirdly, why is my noise floor changed after importing om my mp3? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

I am not the one to ask on this matter, all I know is that I don’t do anything with ffmpeg (at the moment). I use the Kabuu converter as shown in the link above. Everything is working well for what I need at this moment. You may want to direct your question to the expert on this conversation, DVDdoug. Hope it all works out well.

Yeah, I was hoping DVDdoug would have an idea that might solve my problems but I appreciate your reply.