Not playing through USB headset

Hello everyone!

I’ve encountered this problem a few times in the past month but I was always able to fix it with a computer restart or a restart of Audacity. These past couple days, however, Audacity has refused to play actual sounds through my Logitech USB headset. To specify, I’m using Audacity 2.1.3 on Windows 7. I’ve rescanned my audio devices, gone through each MME, DirectSound and Wasapi, adjusting the recording and playback devices accordingly, and upon reading through my control panel and the audio devices listed, every one points to my USB headset as a microphone and playback device. Even the stereo sound test in the Configure menu plays through it.

Any advice on what to do to fix this? Thank you in advance!

Even the stereo sound test in the Configure menu plays through it.

And everything works except Audacity?

Did you select the USB device as your [u]Audacity Playback Device[/u]?

Yes, everything except Audacity plays fine. I did change the playback device to my headset in MME, Direct Sound and Wasapi.

Maybe the fact that it plays everywhere else is the problem. Is one of those other programs Skype or other Chat program? Game? Skype famously doesn’t “Play Well With Others.” We should remember that USB headsets are not simple Microphone Device and Headphone Device. They are combined and software has to know how to unscramble it to make it work. Also, Audacity doesn’t support more than one device in one direction, so it’s always a juggling act.

What’s the show? Why are we doing this?