not picking up USB external condenser microphone? + makes a 'click' noise in recording, when I put it on pause..

Thanks for support :slight_smile: totally new to audacity!

audacity it keeps saying it’s using inbuilt mike, although I have connected/given permission for usb mike in mac privacy settings as default, and in mac settings in system preferences on sound, it also shows up that it’s the USB mic it uses, so it should be working?

but in audacity, it doesn’t have this option to pick up USB mike (it only says zoom audio device or inbuilt mike).

my voice is still recorded, but I don’t think it is with the good expensive mike I bought… so… any advice?

also, in the recording, every time I pause or stop the recording and restart it again in the same track, it makes a ‘click’ noise in the recording, and it doesn’t go away… how do I NOT get the click sound, when I press pause?

thanks so much for support!

Windows guy here, so I’ll just comment on the second part. I don’t seem to have this problem on my machine, but depending on your use case, you may be interested in Punch and Roll Record. That has a built-in cross-fader so it should get rid of those clicks.

I hope this helps. :smiley:

Thanks very much for feedback. I looked at it again and noticed, that it is actually the mousepad itself that makes a ‘click’ sound when I press that down to go to the pause recording button on the screen itself. The mac mousepad can’t just make a ‘no-sound’ as I have to press it down for it to respond to any commands. So, not sure that can be fixed or that will also pick up the ‘mouse click sound’ in any command? But thanks for your advice, I will take your advice and look at it further :+1: