Not only listen to the songs but also recording voice

I like listening to the songs. So i go to buy a MP3 player. Owning it i can release myself everywhere any time. But some time i want to record voices. So i want to buy a voice recorder. What’s more, i am thinking whether there is a digital voice recorder with music. Also it has memory. If owning it, i only take the portable digital voice recorder acheving that i can listen to songs and record voice. The important point is that the quality of the voice recorded and the songs.

So who buy the electronic voice recorder is? Please tell me how much is it? And how is it?

I use a Zoom H2 (cost was about £125 GBP). The sound quality is excellent. It’s a lot bigger than the average MP3 player, but still very portable (fits easily into my jacket pocket). There are similar devices from other manufacturers.

I think the Zoom machines are the grand masters of small, affordable, high quality recording, but I don’t think I would want to carry one around just to listen to an opera at the beach.

You may be buying two different devices. The two jobs are very different.