not of a curiousity: 'is audacity 3 implemented with better audio engine?'

i am a bass player and noise/ambient/trance musician so i have to pay high attention to how my equipment behaves
producing lower parts of audio spectrum.
recently i have switched [at last] to audacity 3.1.3 [using AppImage from first hands] and I INSTANTLY LOVED
my best-ever-tried audio editing application for its better look and improved interface and especially for the new file format.

but while listening to a musical piece that i know quiet well i’ve noticed ‘less boomy’ output from my loudspeaker.

it has taken several days BUT by now i am convinced that audacity 3 has audio engine superior to older versions [i started with ver.2 in year-eighth-ago i guess but i don’t remember exact version --it was from ubuntu repository for trusty tahr].
now i still have version 2.3.3 from ubuntu’s official repository together with version 3.1.3 (i am not going to keep obsolete version surely).
today i was intentionally comparing their output reproduced by my loudspeaker with very particular audio piece: burial ‘endorphine’.

my end-stage equipment:
[USB recording interface] digitech BP355 => Gallien-Krueger MB115 [class D bass combo; 15" driver + horn].
i use both devices at their linear output settings for listening music.
the interface is working with 24bit at 44100Hz.

maybe I AM FOOLING MYSELF but i have found that audacity 3 offers much more defined sound in lower range both for musical
tones and noises. it is like older application’s version sounding somewhat muddier and ‘boomier’ while loosing fine bass guitar details.
i do not tell that earlier audacity versions were bad --i have switched to using it from cubase SX that i liked very…
but audacity is MUCH BETTER because it is minimalistic.

SO here is my question: ‘is audacity version 3 made using newer audio engine technology comparing to version 2?’
thanks for reading!!!
good bye

You’ll be surprised…
No, the playback quality in Audacity 3.x is identical to Audacity 2.x (and even Audacity 1.x)

As for why it sounds different on your setup; there could be many causes:

  • You’re imagination
  • Updated sound card drivers
  • Other OS updates
  • Different settings somewhere
  • Environmental differences
  • Something else…

(Resampling was improved some years ago. I don’t recall the exact version, but it was 1.3.x. This change provided a (very small) improvement to the sound quality when changing the sample rate.)

thank you Steve… actually i am not surprised at all! during that ‘rehearsal of audacity versions’ i was getting
very distracted and hesitating every little while specifically during listening to the example played by version 2.
i guess it is a sure case of experimenter`s bias!!!
for SOME STRANGE REASON i was considering audacity 2 as a bygone… and you know even an opinion of my neighbors
could influence my interpretation of my sensory data (they try to break the wall too oftenly… so ‘boomish’ feel is amplified by
my mind in the case of software I WAS USING FOR SO LONG).