Not getting input signal when recording

Hello and thank you in advance for the help. I am using windows 7 and recording through a Presonus Inspire 1394. Once I got everything connected and realized I needed to turn my phantom power on everything worked fine. I even recorded my toddler singing baby shark. For some reason when I decided to work on my project I can no longer get anything to record. Is Audacity mad at me for recording my son singing baby shark LOL? My settings are the same and I am getting audio so the mic is working just nothing into Audacity. My device shows up and I have tried recording in both stereo and mono. The band uses Nuendo I just needed something to track ideas and maybe work on a side project.
Thanks again,

Laptop, right? When you move the machine and disconnect the Presonus, it may not automatically connect to Audacity when you plug it back in. Connect the Presonus and either restart Audacity, or Transport > Rescan. Then make sure the Presonus is selected as the recording input.

You can do a simple scratch test to see where the sound is coming from. Find where the laptop built-in microphone is from the instructions if you don’t already know. Start a recording. Scratch your microphone and then the laptop’s built-in microphone.

The louder one is the active one.


Thanks for the help Koz, unfortunately this did not work. Also on a PC not a laptop

Thanks for the advise but nothing. I am on a PC if that helps. There is no built in microphone and my presonus is my input device. I get sound through the presonus application so I know cables, mic, ect are all working fine. When I first plugged it all up it worked perfectly. Now nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled both the presonus software and audacity. I have rebooted with the pre amp plugged in as well as unplugged. At my whits end. Thanks again for helping