Not Enough Disc Space

I recorded 72 minutes on a new 80 minute disc in Windows 7. Everything went well until I tried to burn to the disc. I received a message
stating "There was a problem burning the disc…"This disc doesn’t have enough free spece…etc.
I assume the problem is with my computer and not with Audacity but I would appreciate ut if someone can advise me what to do. I
have recorded from my reel to reel deck with no problem in the past but hit a snag this time. Would appreciate help even though it
probably involves my computer and not Audacity.
Jack B.

Insert the blank CDR before you create the song list.
If you are using WMP for burning the CDs you may want to consider using a better CD burning application such as CDBurnerXP.

Thanks for your reply, Steve.
The CD Burner site indicates that my font has a corruption so I haven’t followed up on that yet.
To reveal my ignorance, when I received the message "This disc doesn’t have enough space…I assumed it was referring that the CD disc I had inserted was not
able to contain the recoding from my tape deck. Did it mean that my computer’s hard disc was the fault rather than the CD disc?
If so, Does that mean the hard disc is too loaded with “stuff” and can’t contain the 72 minute recording from Audacity? If that’s the case, the recordings I have made
in the past (3 or 4 years ago) were possible when my computer wasn’t as loaded up with programs, etc. as it is now? Bottom line is my computer is presently doesn’t
have the available hard disc space to record from Audacity as it did in the past?
Thanks again very much Steve.
Jack B

I’m not sure what that was - perhaps you were looking at one of the adverts on the web site. As with much free software, their web site is advert supported, so if you are not using an advert blocker, take care to read the page carefully.

What was the exact error message?
Look in “My computer” to see how much free disk space you have on your hard drive.

When I go to Properties on DVD RW Drive (E) the pie shows that “Used Space” is 485 MB (conssisting of three items: 1386 - PRELOAD - Master)
It also shows that there is 217MB of “Free Space”’
However, (in Audacity) when I click on the WAV Music icon (on the Desktop) followed by FILE: Send To: DVD RW (E) a message comes up:
"This disc doesn’t have enough space…Needed to burn 598 MB. Free Space: 299MB.
So, when I Google the three items that are already on the DVD RW (E) it indicates that those three items are important and are needed.
If they’re needed on the DVD RW disc and they’re taking up the space I need, it seems that my attempts to transfer my Audacity music to
my DVD RW disc are at a standstill.
Thanks again very much for your thoughts
Jack B

Hi Steve,
When I click on Computer properties, it shows the status of the three drives. My (C) drive has about 75% free space. But the DVD RN (E) which is where Audacity
directs my recording indicates it only has 299MB of free space and the last recording I tried to burn stated, "This disc doesn’t have enough free space…also
stating that my recording required 598MB.
When I open the DVD RN it shows that there are already three items in the DVD RN disc: “1386” - PRELOAD - Master. I checked these items on Google and the postings
there indicated that the three items were important to the operating system. There was no way to “Delete” them regardless.
So, if my Audacity recordings have at least 500MB and more, and only 299MB are free, I’m not sure what I can do to gain more space on the DVD RN (E) disc.
Again, I apprerciate your help, Steve.
Jack B.

What exactly are you trying to do? If you want to make a standard audio CD you can’t do it by just copying files to the disk, you need to use “CD burning” software. I recommend CDBurnerXP.
If you are trying to do something different, please explain what exactly you are trying to do.