Not able to record using soundcard

Hi there,

Have recently downloaded latest audacity and have been trying to record from youtube via my komplete audio 6 but nothing is recording. I have tested my macs built in microphone and this records, so not sure why input into komplete audio 6 is not working on audacity, is this an issue with apple not allowing it or do i need to upgrade the OS (am running the OS high seirra at moment)?
The komplete audio is selected as the input in audacity so it is recognising it.



You probably should not upgrade anything for a while. Audacity is not supported in the latest MacOS Catalina.

Has the komplete audio 6 ever done anything besides show up? Any sound either record or playback? If you set the komplete audio 6 as your playback device, do your headphones work if you play something in Audacity?

Why do you need the komplete audio 6 to record Youtube sound? I couldn’t follow your connections.

Soundflower should still work on your computer. Play Youtube into Soundflower and then tell Audacity to record Soundflower.



Have seen various videos saying you can use a terminal hack to access audacity through catalina. I have upgraded to catalina as it is latest OS and still having same issues. I have even downloaded sound flower and still not recording as just a flat line when trying to record clips from youtube. When I change output to Soundflower (2ch) I then cant hear anything, is this normal?

On Audacity i have Core Audio / Soundflower (2ch) / 2 (stereo) recording / Built in Output as input speaker options. I have also tried using komplete audio 6 as input as well.

Really struggling to understand how I can record to audacity, any help would be greatly appreciated.