Not able to install audacity

Hi all, I’m trying to install audacity on my windows 7 computer, but avast antivirus keeps detecting it as malware and stopping my installation process. is their any way to fix this issue ?

Did you get it from here?

If you did, then it’s the real thing. Disconnect your network and then shut down the protection and then install Audacity.


Yes i have downloaded audiocity from the same link

If you downloaded it from official link, I recommend you to disable your avast antivirus temporarily and then try to install it again.

I recommend you to disable your avast antivirus

Unplug or disable the network before you do that.


I’ve got a fully updated (free version) of Avast anti-virus, and it does not think Audacity is malware. That suggests that either your antivirus is not up to date, or you do not have a genuine version of Audacity (Avast could be right that your version has malware).

See here for how to check that your version of Audacity 2.2.2 is genuine: Redirecting to:
(Ensuring that you have the correct “SHA-256 checksum” is the test. The rest of the page is good advice).

Can you please guide me how to do disable it ?

It’s too simple, Just right click on your avast icon at the bottom right corner of your screen > click “avast shield control” and then select the time…
If you are still not getting it you can read this article for more detailed info :

I would strongly advise that you check the validity of your Audacity download before disabling your antivirus.
To check the validity, you need to check that it had the correct SHA-256 checksum, as described here:

Okay, I will try it and get back to you…Thanks for the link

Connecting a Windows machine to the internet without some virus protection is very dangerous. If you do disable your Avast for the installation, unplug your network (internet) if it’s wired or disable your WiFi if you use that.

Complete the install, turn Avast back on, let it settle and then plug the network back in.