Normalize totally destroys audio after applying LADSPA clip


applying a ‘normalize’ after applying a ‘clip fix’ totally destroys the audio in Audacity!!! it make the audio sound like it is in a fish tank!!! after applying the ‘clip fix’ the audio is still fine, but if I apply a ‘normalize’ to the audio afterwards, the audio gets destroyed and sounds underwater fish tank soundy, this issue has been reproduced EVERY TIME I attempted it!!!

Is the “after” in the attached sound what you mean by “fish-tank” ?

not quite, but sorta…

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Are you referring to “Clip Fix” that is shipped with Audacity or some other effect?
“Clip Fix” is not a LADSPA effect.
If you are referring to a LADSPA effect, please provide the full name of the effect and a link to where it may be obtained from.

it is ‘clip fix’ and I thought it was LADSPA because I never saw it until I installed LADSPA… yes, I am referring to ‘clip fix’ + ‘normalize’

I’ve not been able to reproduce the problem.
Could you post a sample of the audio that you are using and provide step by step instructions to reproduce the problem. Thanks.

Would you like to post here what the issue is?

I don’t understand what you are talking about.


Are you deamplifying the audio before applying Clip Fix? That is the correct procedure but using too low a threshold in Clip Fix will harm the sound more than “fixing” it. You’ll then hear the damage when you normalize or amplify to a listenable level.

As a general comment, if you have complained about something and we’ve replied, please tell us if what we suggested solved the issue or not. We want to know in either case. If it helped, other users can then adopt the same suggestion if they have the same issue.


I found out that is is only doing that with long audio… like a 3+ minute song… I tested it on 5 seconds of music and it didn’t do that… threshold of clip was set at default (95) followed by a ‘normalize’ at 0 db… all I did was ‘clip fix’ and ‘normalize’ and that issue arised… but doesn’t arise on 5 seconds of audio…

sorry for the delayed response, I got busy…

If you did not deamplify the audio before using Clip Fix, the audio will clip more after using Clip Fix because it is trying to recreate the peaks that were lopped off by the excessive volume.

Is there any chance you could post a sample file on the web somewhere that demonstrates the issue? You can use

Dropbox or any service like that. We are not likely to get to the bottom of it unless we can see the same problem you do.

Also please tell us if you had the “Remove DC offset” and “Normalize independently” boxes ticked in Normalize.