Normalize always

There should be a new effect, called Normalize Always. You can pick size of normalization, for example 0.1 seconds. Every 0.1 seconds are normalized: 0 to 0.09998, 0.1 to 0.19998, etc. . This is useful if you want sound to stay on same volume permanently.

Please see:

But where is this “Dynamic range compression” in Audacity?

I drawn the future:

Here: Compressor - Audacity Manual
and here: Limiter - Audacity Manual

Also optional plug-ins
here: Missing features - Audacity Support

Also, Audacity supports many third party plug-ins:

I want a one-time effect that normalizes always, not these. Also, have you looked at the future?

What does it do when there is some silence in the audio?

It sounds like you are describing a kind of “automatic gain” (AGC) type effect.
This forum thread may be of interest to you: AGC - Automatic Gain Control

Yes I saw your picture.

Well, the standard Normalize effect makes silence silence. However, I am describing an exactly defined algorithm (the post that begun the topic).

This is useful if you want sound to stay on same volume permanently.

Do you have a real-world application?

Also, it sounds like you might want this to apply to live presentations. Audacity doesn’t apply any effects or filters during recording.


I don’t even know what’s a live presentation.

It could be just for fun. Photosounder has Vertical Normalisation, which gets each column to same volume. However, it throws the sound data away because Photosounder uses its spectrograms to generate sound.

I don’t even know what’s a live presentation.

Audacity is a post-production editor. It starts with a recording or sound file you already have.

Lots of people want us to apply filters or corrections during the recording. Audacity won’t do that.

One very serious problem of brute force corrections like you want is they’re not very musical. That’s why Audacity has all the compressors, limiters, processors, etc listed in the post. If you do it right, you get good level sound volume and can’t hear the tools working.

If you have sound that needs a lot of corrections, I expect you will be able to hear the chopping as a new sound, buzzing or rumble that wasn’t in the original show.


Why do you hell think I want this for practical use. NO. That’s not what I want. I described the effect exactly: When you choose 0.1 as size of normalization, every 0.1 seconds are normalized: 0 to 0.09998, 0.1 to 0.19998, etc. (for 44100Hz, sample 0 to sample 4409, sample 4410 to sample 8819, etc.). And here’s what the future would look like:

because otherwise you are requesting that the Audacity developers waste their time developing features for which there are no practical applications, and wasting the time of everyone that reads your posts.

I’m glad we’ve established that.

Did you ever try how that will sound if volume jumps from one sample to the other? Maybe elaborate your demands and complaints to some practical level. You might mean a dynamic normalization based on some exponential average of the amplitude, but I think that is what companders are for.