Normalization doesn't work

Normalization doesn’t work
I use Audacity 3.4.2 in windows 10. I’m trying to normalize a song. I follow the instructions and I set factory defaults.
When I press “preview”, the program crashes and gives me a report with exception code 0xc0000005. Then I click “send” but I get a message “Failed to send crash report”
When I press “apply”, the program doesn’t crash, but it gives me zero amplitude throughout the song.

Strange… Normalize should foolproof…

Try the Amplify effect (it’s almost the same).
Does Amplify work?
What does it show for the default Amplification (dB)?

I get the message “The value is not in the range -50 to 50”
amplification 9.55 (db)
New top width -0.0 (db)

That’s also strange…

That’s saying the peaks are too low (below -50dB) or to high (above +50dB).

You may have a crazy-high peak (more than +50dB). The normal display doesn’t show over 0dB so you can’t see how high the peaks are if they are over 0dB. It could also be short-duration. One sample, or so, might not show-up unless you zoom-in and you’d need to zoom-in at the right place.

One peak that’s too high, even if it’s too-short in duration to hear, will tell Normalization to turn it WAY DOWN.

Also, your DAC is limited to 0dB +50dB won’t be any louder than a 0dB peak.

If everything is at +50dB it will be badly distorted.

And that’s contradictory with what it’s saying above! It means that the current peak is -9.55dB and it will be 0dB after amplifying.

That’s expected if the above is correct and it’s going to amplify by 9.55dB.

Try exporting as a “regular” WAV file (16 or 24-bits). Regular-integer WAV files are limited to 0dB.

Re-import that new WAV and try Normalize or Amplify. If the new peaks are 0dB as I expect, Amplify will default to 0dB of amplification (and “New Peak” of 0dB). Normalization should also work.

If the regular WAV seems OK, there is still most-likely a problem, but it’s a clue.

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