Normalization after fades

Dear Audacity Community:

Here is my issue:

I imported a recording into Audacity, and then created a fade-in at the beginning and a fade-out at the end. Trouble is, I forgot to normalize the track before doing this! If I apply normalization after the fades were created, what will happen to the fades? Will the fade-in start above digital black, and will the fade-out no longer fade to digital black? Just want to know whether I need to redo the processing on this track to ensure my original fades, pre-normalization, are preserved, or whether my track will be okay despite my mistake. Please advise experts, and thanks so much for your input!


Mac OS Big Sur 11.4

Your fades will be fine.

Normalization applies the same amplification (or attenuation) to the whole file so it’s sort-of like adjusting the volume before you start playback. Actually. the whole selection but it’s intended that you select the whole file or the whole song, etc.

If you’re going to normalize, it’s usually the last step after all other editing/processing.