noob question- change frequency over time?

I was just wondering, is there an object in audacity that changes a pitch over time? Thanks very much!

I’m sorry, I misspoke a bit. I use maxmsp more, generally, so multi-tracks aren’t really my thing, yet. I don’t mean object… An effect, like something in the effects menu. I just need to know the name of the thing that does it, of there is one.

I need it asap b/c I’m writing a piece for an electronic music composers concert. This part, that is currently highlighted, if I could make it go up and up over time it would be awesome, b/c the piece is about heaven…
Thanks very much.
-Pie, again

I hardly understand you.
May make a new Time track. Edid the “enveloppe” plased on it. Is it what you need? If not (if you need keep the timing), I think there is an effect like that, but do not remember… , just try ask once more

Jan is referring to using a “Time” track. (If you posted on the board relevant to your OS and version of Audacity I could have told you how to create a new time track, but it’s different in different versions).

Using the “Envelope Tool” you can adjust the time track which will then speed up and slow down the playback, thus changing the pitch.

Select both the time track and the track that you want to speed-up/slow-down, you can then Mix them and the changes will be rendered.