Nonvisual way to change project rate (keyboard only)

Hi there,
So I’ve never asked this question but I assume it hasn’t been asked yet.
So, as a blind person, I have no idea how to change the project rate. All I’ve read is that the project rate can be changed at the bottom left or right corner or whatever that was.
Having heard this, is there any keyboard shortcut to do this? Do I go to the track menu and do “Set Rate”? I don’t think that will change it, but also if I do “Resample” the “actual rate” doesn’t change.
Has anyone tried to do it with their eyes closed and if so, how did they do it? I seriously hope it’s not a mouse-only thing! If it’s a mouse-only thing, well, um… screw the blind people I guess…

Thanks in advance,


The project rate can also be set via Audacity preferences: Quality menu.
By changing the “default sample rate” displayed in the Quality menu, then pressing OK.

Can get to Audacity preferences via pressing “Ctrl”+“P” keys,
then to the Quality section of preferences by pressing the Q key.

That’s as far as I can go with my eyes shut, (I don’t have screen-reader software).

I’ve done that. Thank you.

Update: My default sample rate is set to 48000 to match with my sound card (because if it’s a different sample rate, recording with Wasapi causes jittering stutters). However, when I open a file with a sample rate of 44100, it says “Actual rate: 44100”, stating the obvious.
But here’s where it gets tricky. I go to “Tracks” / “Resample” and then type in a lower number, say 11025. It resamples and the sound itself has a reduced quality as expected… BUT… it still says “Actual rate: 44100”. This is super confusing to me!
Are you sure there are no shortcuts or commands in the “Keybindings” settings which I can add a keybinding to in order to change the Project rate? I want to save files at the actual sample rate, not a 44100 version of a downsampled track.

Thanks for cooperating my persistence. I could ask my best friend but she’ll probably tell me that there’s no substitute for the… if I hear that word again… MOUSE!

Audacity projects can contain tracks which have lower sample rates.
e.g. a 44100Hz project can include 11025Hz & 8000Hz tracks.

If a track has a higher sample rate than the project rate it will be downsampled to the project rate when you play it / export it.

If you have the “Extra” menu enabled you can do:
“Extra menu > Scriptables 1 > Set Project”
Then enabled only the “Rate” option and set its value to the required project rate, Then tab down to the “OK” button and press Enter.