In the 80s to 90s, it was very common to record K7 tapes, usually C60 with nonstop mixed dance-style songs, but this applies to acoustic shows as well, with sequential songs without fade or silence between each song as they were in disco clubs. Currently, I have transformed these analogic tapes into digital files using Audacity (total of 209 K7 tapes non stop - mixed- dance music). However, a problem and a question arose: let’s assume that each side of the K7 tape is already transformed into digital mp3 sound file has 5 non-stop songs, so total file time is 30 minutes and it is actually 1 big track.
The question is: how can I in the mp3 file, mark the beginning of each beginning and the end of each of these 5 songs, so when necessary I can use a remote control and skip or return to a certain song WITHOUT LOSING The nonstop CONTINUITY of the original file. I use Windows 7 PRO and Audacity 2.3.2. If you have the answer, please email:

MP3s generally don’t support “chapters” or “tracks”.

You can put track markers anywhere on a CD and chapter marks anywhere on a DVD those are the only truly-standard ways to do it. There is a way to put chapter markers in an audiobook file but it’s not widely supported by audio players and I don’t know how to do it. (Most audiobooks simply have separate files for each chapter.)

There are ways to get [u]gapless playback[/u] with separate files, but I think it’s easier with AAC (=MP4 = M4A).

You might be able to do it with [u]VLC[/u] and a [u]cue sheet[/u]. (You can create a cue sheet with Windows Notepad.)