Non start program

W7 Home Premium; Audacity 2.0.5.
I have used this audacity for quite a time with no problems. Today, I started the program and nothing appeared although when trying again the message “Another session has already started…” appeared. In Task Manager there was a session started. Stopped it but same problem again. Uninstalled and reinstalled with both existing and then new download of program. It gets to the small Audacity logo on the screen and stops there. Eventually “No response” is shown. No changes have been made to the computer.
Any ideas please.

Did you tick the box “Reset Preferences” half way through reinstallation? If not, try that. After you launch Audacity you will be asked to confirm reset of Preferences, say “Yes”. Then you should see the Audacity logo, followed by an “Install VST Effects” dialogue which should be on top of all other programs. See: .

By the way if the message says exactly “Another session has already started” you are not using Audacity supplied by us at . The message is “Audacity is already running”.