Non-destructive Mute

Have you ever wanted to mute part of a track non-destructively, and then restore it later?

It is of course possible to duplicate the track, mute the original, then “Silence” part of the duplicate, (to restore the original, delete the duplicate and unmute the original). However this is rather cumbersome.

Here’s an alternative way, with plug-ins.
Mute.ny (2.29 KB)
This plug-in mutes the selected audio by creating an envelope with 10 ms fades at either end.

DeleteEnvelope.ny (3.43 KB)
This plug-in deletes selected envelope points (and so provides a quick and easy way to unmute after using the Mute effect.

Both are “Tools” type effects (appear in the Tools menu).
Both are hot off the press, so bugs may exist.


I tried to download those but not able. I’m discovering there is no mute / unmute toggle for a part - there really should be. Is a solution coming?

Why not? What’s the problem?

I don’t know - the links did not go to a functioning download page.

They are direct links to the “Nyquist Plug-ins”.

Nyquist plug-ins are plain text files with a “.NY” file extension. They are most easily installed using the “Nyquist Plug-in Installer”: