Non Audacity Plugins / VST's insist on loading every time ignoring Disabled tag

In using Audacity 3.2.5, I have gone into Effect | Plugin Manager and disabled all VSTs and Effects that are not part of the Audacity installation or on the Audacity web site. Each time Audacity opens however it insists on scanning those Libraries (VST) such as Arturia and Waves and other Effects which I have chosen as Disabled. I then receive errors such as the Arturia VST isn’t compatible. This doesn’t make much sense but perhaps I am overlooking a check box or other option? What is the very best way to load “only” Audacity plugins and other plugins from the Audacity web site and have 3.2.5 skip over everything else? Ps this has been going on through multiple revisions from 3.0 upwards. Thank you.

So this scanning feature was introduced in 3.2.0 and there have been some growing pains. If 3.2.5 doesn’t work for you, you can try 3.3 when it comes out. In the meantime, you can switch to 3.1.3: Old Audacity versions download

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Thank you I shall revert to 3.1.3

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