Noisegate.ny not working

Hey all, I’ve been working to try and get the noisegate plugin working and it just isnt happening. I have installed the plugin and it is under the correct folders and the noisegate option is active under the effects tab but the sub folder that link (in Audacity) to: users\appdata\roaming\audacity\plugins and programfiles(x86)\audacity\plugins are visible but not active.
Annotation 2020-03-22 122524.png
Annotation 2020-03-22 122342.png
Annotation 2020-03-22 122209.jpg

It looks like you have the noise gate installed twice (two locations).
It looks like you don’t have any audio selected. There needs to be an audio selection to apply the effect to, or the effect (and other effects) will be greyed out as in your screenshot.

Howdy Steve, it has automatically installed by default in two locations. The appropriate vb driver is selected and I’ve gone between my scarlet relay (mic and headphones) to only using the mic and speakers on my headphones to no avail. I have tried to uninstall and remove the files from the two different folders with the same results. I ended up purchasing ableton instead so at least I can record and edit. Not sure about the active noise gate capabilities of the program so I’d like to pursue audacity still.

Which version of Audacity do you have? (Look in “Help menu > About Audacity”)

It’s the most recent. 2.3.3

Audacity noise-gate “Noisegate.ny” does not work in real-time: Audacity only applies effects to existing recordings.