Noise removing

Hi all. I made some recordings using two dynamic microphones plugged into my Alesis mixer which was attached to my laptop by USB.
I removed the AC cable from the laptop to prevent noise.
I recorded a live piano, which sounded quite good, but got a constant static like noise in the recording.
I do not know what caused it. It can’t be from outside because I live in a very small and quiet village.
My question is: Does Audacity have the possibility to ( partially) remove this noise and - if so - how do I do this?
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The Noise reduction effect does benefit from a video demonstration, as unusually it is a two step process.
There are plenty of Youtube video tutorials on this e.g. …

Thanks, these are very instructive videos.
I am going to try this right now.
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Noise Removal always damages the sound. If you’re going to high quality piano playing, then you really need to figure out where the static is coming from.

Noise Removal doesn’t “know” what interference is. It just uses your profile as a guide what to filter out. If some of the noise happens to be the same as some of your notes (for example) your notes will vanish or become distorted. Hiss is a killer. If you do succeed in getting rid of hiss, chances are the crisp, hissy breath sounds of a flute will go, too.

Are you going through a USB hub? Sound connections hate that. It has to be a home run to the computer. You might try other USB connections if the computer has more than one. If you find it necessary to run the computer on batteries to get recording to work, then you already have a non-optimal recording environment and you may have found another facet of that problem.


Thanks Koz,
That too is valuable information. The more so, as I intended to add flute playing!
I do not use a USB hub. The USB cable is plugged straight into the laptop.