Noise removal problem

Hey all. I’ve got some mp3s that have a lot of hiss, so I tried Noise Removal on one of them and when I played it back in Audacity it sounded great, but when I tried it in KMPlayer and PotPlayer it still has hiss. Windows Media Player had no hiss for some reason. What does WMP have that the other two don’t? And why does it sound okay in Audacity but not KMP or PP? WMP sounds pretty good, but there are too many other things I don’t like about it to switch.

You were supposed to say, “I tried noise removal and it didn’t work very well.” It’s pretty unusual for Noise Removal to remove hiss. that’s very difficult.

After you created the quiet show, you exported it as MP3 using a different filename, right? Or did you try to Export under the old name? Did you have any trouble installing the Lame software?