Noise removal one more time

I downloaded Audacity to remove hiss I hear when playing my wav file. However, when I load hissed recording (radio audition) into Audacity (new beta or latest stable) it plays without any hiss. Yet if I save it and play in Winamp or foobar, the hiss is just the same as it was before.
I imagined that if Audacity cannot see any hiss, removing it with “Effect/noise remove” will do nothing but I tried it anyway. And I was right.
What is going on?

If Audacity plays an audio file and there is no hiss, then there is no hiss. If another program plays the same file and you hear hiss, then something must be creating the hiss. Audacity does no have any kind of “automatic hiss suppression”, it will only remove hiss if you tell it to (for example with the noise removal tool).

Perhaps your other programs are using “Equalization” that boosts the high frequencies (and therefore accentuating any small amount of hiss that is present)?

If you’re on a Windows machine, it’s possible to be listening to many different audio channels at once. You press Play and Windows could open up the noisy microphone channel in addition to your show.


Well, I am pretty sure it’s neither cause I used both Winamp and beefed-up Foobar and none of them produce any noise playing other recordings.
Also, the microphone is off.
However, the very same thing happens with CoolEdit - it also plays the file without any noise.

I guess it will rest not investigated as I am not working on this file anymore.