Noise reduction tutorial

I just started using audacity with some video editing software for my streams. I can hear some background noise besides the game’s default music and under effect in noise reduction , what would be the best numbers to set noise reduction (db), sensitivity and frequency smoothing (bands) to? Besides the game music and whenever I talk…I don’t want any background noise at all

I can hear some background noise

It depends on what the background noise is. Noise Reduction only works on constant noises such as air conditioning, computer fan noises or microphone hiss. If you have keyboard clicking, traffic sounds, wind noise, conversations or “TV next door” sounds, you’re stuck.

A note: The tool used to be called Noise Removal. It got changed to Noise Reduction because too many people were trying to remove noise…all of it…completely. Neither tool will do that.

Noise Reduction works by drag-selecting a portion of Pure Noise so it knows what to do. That’s the Profile pass. Then you apply Noise Reduction a second time and it will use that sample or Profile to do the work. If the noise changed between the first and second passes, it fails.

It’s not a Go To Completion tool, like apply it and go home. It’s always a juggling act between removing noise and distorting the show. The better the Profile is and the better behaved the noise is, the more success.

What’s your noise?

Post a sample of your show with noise before you try to fix it. Post WAV (Microsoft) 16 bit, either 20 seconds mono or 10 seconds stereo. Scroll down from a forum window > Upload Attachment > Browse.

Turning a room into a studio isn’t fun. People reading for AudioBooks would kill to have a tool to do that.