Noise reduction, static and repeated


I’m trying to reduce noise in a record where that noise is very loud and voices are quiet. I tried to use Noise Reduction with different settings and there were only a few ways I can reduce that noise, but I had to sacrifice voices very badly to a level which was unacceptable.

Here is a spectrogram:, and Waveform (db):

My question: Maybe there is another '‘effect’ which would help me to reduce that noise?


It looks like a lost cause. you may find slightly better noise reduction in other applications (such as Adobe Audition or iZotope RX), but with a high level of noise like that there will always be the problem that reducing the noise damages the sound that you want to keep.

Maybe try notch filter at the frequencies of the horizontal lines on the spectrogram …
Using Audacity’s frequency analysis will enable you to determine the frequencies to notch-out : they will be big peaks on the spectrum.

Looks like same problem as removing the vuvuzela noise …

Thanks! This was what I was looking for :slight_smile: (Even thought I’m still not able to understand every voice, but I will work on that)