noise reduction issue

hello,when i use the noise reduction feature, i am able to highlight the area or section with no problem but when i apply the noise reduction to the entire segment, the final element never shows up to show that it has been accomplished.
so i am unsure if the whole segment has been done or not.

for whatever reason this just started after performing as expected with no issues
should i just uninstall and then reinstall or ?

:question: final element ? What final element :question:

So when I run Noise Reduction, I highlight a small section of audio, then Effect > Noise Reduction > Get Noise Profile. Then I select the entire track, by pressing Ctrl-A or clicking on white space in the Track Control Panel. Finally, I select Effect > Noise Reduction > OK.

That’s all it takes. In most cases, the result is available almost immediately. Usually, I notice the the volume of the originally selected area has been reduced significantly.

How long is your clip? If it is excessively long, try it with a shorter piece of audio first, say, 1 or 2 minutes.

I hope this helps. :smiley:

this just started after performing as expected with no issues

So this used to work? What’s the noise?

Did you get an error message? How long is the show? Some effects only work in hardware memory and run out of zot (technical term) if the show is too long and doesn’t fit. The six-hour surveillance people run into this.

There’s another problem with Noise Reduction. It used to be called Noise Removal but it was changed because too many people were expecting it to remove noise…to dead zero. It won’t do that, and if you try, your valuable show will be damaged. This kills all the home users depending on Noise Reduction to turn their noisy performance into a studio presentation.


That can be a problem with some Nyquist plug-ins, but there are no recorded cases of that with built-in effects (other than “Repair” which has a 128 sample limit). Built-in effects should be good for at least 12 hours provided you don’t run out of disk space.

I’m on current 3.1.3(?) And it normally works magic.
But I’ve noticed lately (as posted on other threads) that it isn’t foolproof… or goes unresponsive after a period. I’m running newer Windows 10 -64 bit. All recent updates, including BIOS. And NR has acted whack, here and there. I’ll have a total silence for a while (no heater running, outside rainfall) and apply the NR, because house has an old school heater system… and it’ll either mute the background completely. Or there’ll be a noticeable “why-ooo” faze, in the background. Which is beyond annoying, and muffs my otherwise perfect recording.

It’s damning man… damning

Audacity’s noise-reduction is not dynamic: if the unwanted-noise changes NR does not adapt.
So if a central heating motor changes speed it will no longer not fit the noise profile and become more audible.

If you’re just recording speech, (not music), Adobe’s AI-enhance is worth a try … (beta & free)