Noise reduction impossible to execute- noise profile

Ubuntu 18.04 with Audacity 2.3.2 as Snap

I ctrl + A the whole track. From Effects > Noise reduction a popup came. It has a get noise profile button. But sadly, it does not allow to click on the audio track. Then how am I supposed to get the Noise Profile ? Please help.
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Track not accessible
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Does Select actually do something? Does this:

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 5.13.57.png
Turn into this:

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 5.14.11.png
Does it make any difference if you drag-select a small portion of the show instead of Select All?

Does Select All work with any effects? Make sure you have your show saved or a safety WAV copy—or both. Select All > Effect > Amplify > OK. Did the show change? Edit > UNDO.


I am trying to say that I cannot select at all. Since the modal is there, I am not able to access the track to either select a portion of even try ctrl+A.

First, I used ctrl + A and selected the whole audio. Now I am at Noise reduction modal through Effects > Noise Reduction. It asks me to select a piece of noise and then click " Get noise profile ". That is not possible when the modal is blocking access to the background where the track resides. I have made a screencast

Pressing ctrl + A at that point doesn’t make any difference

Looks like I got the whole idea wrong. Is it like

  1. Select noise

  2. Effects > Noise reduction > get noise profle

  3. Back to plain UI

  4. Now ctrl + A and Effects > Noise reduction

  5. Now press " ok ".

  6. Noise gone.

Yes, like that, except that step 6 is more likely to be “Noise reduced” rather than completely “gone”.
Noise reduction requires a compromise between reducing the noise, and not damaging the remaining audio too much. If you attempt to remove the noise entirely, then the resulting sound is likely to have bubbly metallic artifacts which sound quite unpleasant. The default settings (12, 6, 3) are a reasonable starting point, but may be adjusted to “tune” the noise reduction for best results.

See the manual for details of what the controls do: Noise Reduction - Audacity Manual

“Noise reduced” rather than completely “gone”.

Noise Reduction used to be called Noise Removal, but too many people were expecting it to remove noise to zero.


Thank you @steve @kozikowski

I have a couple of other questions. I will start a new thread :slight_smile: